Is your brand stuck on the performance plateau?

What is it, why are you stuck on it, how are you going to get off it? It’s become common for brands with a performance mindset, to hit a growth plateau. Let’s call it the ‘performance plateau’. If you think you may have hit it, you’re far from alone. From the number of companies I’ve […]

Beware of ROAS, ROI’s dangerous digital twin

[First published in Marketing Week 12th October 2022] Too great a focus on return on ad spend (ROAS) is leading to short-term thinking and under-investment, which in turn is stifling growth, and it has the potential to be far more damaging than ROI. People have been warning about the potential problems with ROI for years. […]

Marketing’s most marmite metric

ROI is a mass of contradictions. It’s loved by many, hated by some, really hated by a few. It’s simultaneously what marketers say is their most important metric, whilst also being marketing’s most misunderstood, misused and even damaging. Far smarter, more data literate people than me have been warning of the dangers of focusing on […]

Why advertising will never die

Advertising’s not dead, it’s not dying and no one’s going to kill it any time soon. It’s never been more alive, so instead of taking aim, let’s be dead proud of it. People constantly declare that advertising’s dead. Fast Company recently claimed David Droga wants to kill it. Elon Musk said Tesla doesn’t do it. […]

12 months since moving to Jellyfish, here’s my diary. 

Last January I moved from the creative agency world to a very different one. To Jellyfish, a full-funnel marketing performance company at the forefront of the convergence of brand and ‘performance’ marketing, media and creative, content, data and technology. A blog post I wrote soon after about the move (‘I’ve never heard of Jellyfish’) got […]

In a world of change, what won’t?

In marketing we love change, but what about what won’t? Here are 7 unchanging principles of effective communication that are based on how our brains work, not on how specific technology works. Papyrus, paper, the printing press, television, the internet, the smartphone: the new communication technologies with the power to shape human culture invariably lead […]

The sales funnel is wrong but it’s here to stay, so let’s fix it.

The sales funnel is nearly a hundred years old, but despite frequent reports of its death and surprisingly little evidence that it reflects how advertising actually works, it’s never been more alive. The cockroach of marketing concepts, it just seems to keep going and going, adapting to the environment it finds itself in. This is […]

Do you have a marketing philosophy?

Do you have a philosophy for how marketing communications work for your brand? I don’t mean a strategy or plan. I mean a vision that’s articulated simply, compellingly, inspiringly. For most marketing people the honest answer is probably no, although I suspect it’s a bit more common amongst marketers at the ‘brand’ end of the […]


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