The Wrong and the Short of it

Short-termism and long-termism are both just wrong-termism. So let’s end the false choice between long and short-term marketing tactics, maximise the compound effects of getting them working together in harmony, and start to close the value-destroying divide between ‘brand’ and ‘performance’ marketing. It’s limiting marketing effectiveness and brand growth, when we’ve never needed them more. […]

The brand: the most valuable business tool ever invented

A brand can be a company’s most valuable commercial asset, but persuading CEOs to invest in theirs has never been harder. In an open letter to all CMOs, everywhere, I set out some key data to help them. [first published by BBH Labs 22.03.18] Dear All CMOs, everywhere Hope you don’t mind me writing to you all […]

Most marketing is bad because it ignores the most basic data

Despite data being one of marketing’s obsessions, most brands aren’t extracting value from 11 of the most basic data-points available to everyone. [First published by BBH Labs 04.12.17] ‘How did Facebook, which prides itself on being able to process billions of data-points…somehow not make the connection that electoral ads paid for in roubles were coming […]

The stupidity of sameness and the value of difference

The case for the importance of difference & distinctiveness in business, brands and marketing communication. [First published by BBH Labs 20.03.19] Sameness is commercial suicide – whether your chosen way of being different is differentiation or distinctiveness[1] or like me you’re a cakeist and would ideally want both. Yet there’s a growing ‘sea of sameness’ out there, and […]

Brand purpose. The biggest lie the ad industry ever told?

I was asked recently to give a talk answering the question ‘does brand purpose really drive profit?’. My very short answer to it was ‘yes it can, but mostly it probably doesn’t’. And the slightly longer answer to it was ‘it really depends, but on balance brand purpose is over-used in marketing today and its […]

The Greatest Hits of Binet and Field

I compiled the most important and useful charts in the work of advertising’s ‘Godfathers of Effectiveness’, Les Binet & Peter Field, in this piece, first published by the IPA in 2018. Please download them, use them, share them. No two individuals in the history of advertising have done as much to uncover its overall commercial […]

Brand Purpose. ¿La mentira más grande que ha contado la industria publicitaria?

[Traducción al español por Adrian Mediavilla] Me pidieron recientemente dar una charla respondiendo a la pregunta “¿el propósito de la marca realmente genera ganancias?”. Mi respuesta muy breve fue “sí, puede, pero probablemente no”. Y la respuesta un poco más larga fue “realmente depende, pero en general el brand purpose se usa en exceso en […]

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